Did i have Implant bleeding? HELP!

Kenyada • Hoping everything goes smoothly....

Sorry if this is TMI....I'm 29, Has anyone had implant bleeding for 7 days? Very very very light to the point of not needing sanitary napkins? I had a period in late October the 31st to November 4th then I did not have a menstral cycle until December 24th where I was spotting very very very lightly the spotting stopped yesterday December 30th has anyone ever had implantation bleeding last that long and not having a full blown period? I talk to my nurse and she said she did not believe I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test on the 25th and it was negative but I have read that it can take awhile for the hormones to show up in your urine can anyone help? PS I had unprotected sex December 10th and 15th

Thank you