Pubic hair/ loosing virginit

I am a 16 year old girl and still a virgin. I am ready to have sex with my boyfriend (and he proposed that we can wait unil the time is perfect and we are both ready). However, I am new to this whole thing and I have one MAJOR worry! What do I do with my pubic hair!? I do not own a razor because I only get my legs waxed. And at the moment (bit embarrassed ?) I have a full-on bush, now I am pretty sure boys don't like this but I don't want to do anything until I get some advice on weather to remove all of it or 'just trim' (ps I need specifics because I don't know what a 'trim' is) thank you for your help (would be great to get a guys perspective on this (if any guys use glow ☺️)) and if you are a girl please tell me you bust situation when u lost your virginity :) thank you so much!!!