Since last night I've had this constant pressure down there. Hurts to walk, lie down, sit and just in general painful to move. It's like a stretching pain that goes from my vagina up to my stomach. Like a bowling ball is between my legs. I've been feeling my belly tighten with mild cramps alot BUT not consistently. Back and hips are aching also. Baby isn't moving as much either, but when he does I want to cry it hurts so badly. I'm constantly feeling like I need to poop even and nothing comes out, same with peeing. Feels like I'm busting all the time. Anyway I asked my partner if he could have a look down there and his exact words were "wholey f**k!! I think his head is nearly in your vagina!!" Lmfao !! ... I got curious and got a mirror out and it's swollen near my pubic bone almost like a perfect head shape :| . 37+2wks.... Is this normal??

P.S. last few weeks I've been barely able to keep my eyes open.... 2 days ago I've started nesting and I'm full of energy!!