Micah was born at exactly 40 weeks; he was born on his due date


Micah was born at exactly 40 weeks; he was born on his due date.

Labor started pretty slowly and even stalled out at one point after I took a hot shower too early on in labor.

Finally, around noon, the contractions had really intensified. I called our nurse line and told her I thought the contractions were about 4 minutes apart but as I was talking to her, I had several very intense contractions 2 minutes apart. Being my second baby and living 40 minutes from hospital, she advised we leave immediately and I agreed.

In the car, I continued to deeply moan through contractions, allow my body to open up to baby, and tell myself positive affirmations about my body's ability to guide him out.

When we arrived, I knew birth would be soon and I was thrown off a bit to find the waiting area of labor and delivery completely full. No rooms were available. I guess they knew by my moaning and my husband's responses about my labor that they should take me back to triage immediately. I was in Urgent Care triage bent over the incline of the bed (I'd labored on that way the whole car ride and was comfortable) when I found out I was 8 cm dilated. I was getting my IV when I felt the urge to push during a contraction. I let the nurse know and she asked if I was sure. I told her I wasn't sure but I felt tons of pressure. Just then, another contraction and I yelled, "I'M PUSHING, I'M PUSHING!" She checked me again and called for help. She said I was 10cm and +2 station. A sheet was thrown over my bottom as I was wheeled to an OR room because no L&D rooms were open.

I reluctantly climbed onto the OR table from the triage bed as the doctor and nurses filed in. I didn't want to lie on my back but the doctor insisted she could not deliver me unless I get on my side. I obliged but my husband gave her the highlights of my birth plan as I then yelled through a contraction. She told me she could see Baby's head and I should push. We had been at the hospital for maybe 20 minutes and I'd pushed baby out in about 15 minutes. I felt him coming down and after the last push, reached down to put my hands beneath his arms and pulled him the rest of the way out.

I felt like superwoman. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life and despite the hospital lacking in many regards, it was amazing. I didn't tear at all and I was walking around holding my son within 3 hours. We left the next afternoon.

Our son, Micah, is 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. He is adored by his 2 yr old sister who is adjusting fairly well to his homecoming. We love him so much. Life is good.