Feeling lost! Please dont Judge!

This is supposed to be a happy time as my due date slowly approaches but I don't feel happy at all. I broke up with my BF 2days before New Years because he had done nothing but lie to me our entire relationship and each time I caught him he still continued to lie to my face. And I learned that he was just using me for my $..which is sad because I have four little ones that I take care of financially on my own. I'm fortunate to be able to do so without any govt assistance ( No offended to anyone) When I thought things couldn't get any worse I woke up yesterday ready to pay my bills for the New year only to realize my account had damn near been cleared out and my money had just hit that morning. All kinds of charges to online stores. After doing investigation I realized it was my ex that had done it all I guess trying to hurt me. I haven't said anything to him about it but I called the cops and an invistigation has been started. Its sad that he would stoop so low. I cant believe I loved someone that could do such a thing. I know I made the right choice by leaving him behind in 2015 it just hard trying to grasp the face that I will be a single mother of 5 in 2016. Guess you could really never know a person. So my resolution would be to focus more on my relationships with my family and children and try to leave the past in the past.