Free the boobies, burn the bras?

There was a 15 year study done in France with some 350 women between the ages of 18-35. They had half of the women stop wearing bras completely and the other half go on about as usual. The group that stopped wearing bras actually had their boobs get perkier and their nipples raise about .3 inches (almost half an inch!). This is because the ones who wore bras didn't build deep tissue. Their body didn't see a need for it since they were being held up all the time. The women who stopped wearing bras not only built deep tissue, but had a boost in collagen production and elasticity. 
I read the article and stopped wearing bras a couple of months ago. I'm a D, not big not small, but was scared I'd be insanely uncomfortable in public, especially since I'm pierced so I thought it'd be too obvious I wasn't wearing one. Not only has no one noticed (even though my boobs are pretty oddly shaped), IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. My shoulder muscles aren't as tight and I don't even notice I have breasts anymore. They don't get in the way, I'm not constantly adjusting straps and underwire. They don't get sore around my period. 
I basically made this post because I see so many girls thinking that they "have to" wear bras even when they don't want to and I'm making it because I see so many women telling other women that not wearing a bra is slutty and for attention. Not only are they not necessary, your body benefits from you having a bra burning party.