Ectopic pregnancy


Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy?

Discovered we were pregnant on 14th December and we're over the moon. However I was 'bleeding each time I went to the toilet very lightly I thought it was spotting'. Something didn't feel right and I was worried throughout the next week or so. Went to doctor who did bloods and messed them up so they never got tested and tbh wasn't interested. So i eventually got my midwife who advised me to go for an early scan and booked me in Christmas <a href="">eve</a>.

Went along and the woman said could be too early to show. She scanned and found the sac but it was empty. She then found something on my right fallopian tube and said this was where she thought the baby had implanted. She took ages to check everywhere and informed us she thought it was ectopic and wanted us to go to another hospital for further tests. Went along and it was confirmed ectopic.

I was given methotrexate and my levels were around 1800, we went back for further tests where they rose on day 4 to 2887 and unfortunately rose again on day 7. I had more scans and tests and the baby was now measuring about 1cm so they decided best option was camera in to see how things looked and if my left tube was OK would remove the right tube and pregnancy. So 30/12/2015 I had the cameras, operation to remove pregnancy and right tube and a d&c.

I'm really sore now and tired and worried about having any further kids. This was our first - has anyone else had this and went on to have syccessful pregnancy?

Just so sad as we were expecting a baby next August and now we won't even be able to try for a baby again until at least June :(