Alexis • I`m a mother two little boys and one little girl
I swear to Jesus I'm really about to go off on this broad and usually I'm a nice person with lots of patience but I can't right now . 
My husbands ex is like the bitch that keeps on giving . My husband doesn't talk or text her he's blocked her several times and she keeps trying to find a way to reach him . She even called my mother law and demanded her to put him on the phone. Saying she needs to talk to him . 
But it doesn't stop there . My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years and she still posts shit about their memories together and how she misses his dick etc .. 
I was just to write about our New Years together & I see this bullshit . She's wrote herself anonymously just to tell this story about my husband. Mind you they broke up that year and she's still at it. She's psycho and my mother has told me this . She even mention that the girl tried to kill herself after her left her. But someone where in her twisted mind she thinks this is appropriate. -_-