So over everything!!

Jessie • Married, 30yrs old~on mo7 TTC our 2yr old son`s future sibling :)
AF decided to show. I had promising symptoms (still do) that aren't typical of AF for me...sore breasts, exhaustion, increased CM,for the last week. We're on to mo8 TTC and just feel like giving up. Done OPK's, CM charting, SMEP, nothing's working. We conceived our now 2yr old without batting an eye the first month after deciding to start trying, so maybe that's why I'm more disheartened. Just really emotional today, doesn't help that my SIL who decided to stop her BC after we had our chemical preg in November (w/o telling her hubby at that), just announced she's pregnant to the world today. This day NEEDS to be over. Bring on the wine I've been avoiding for the last few weeks!! Rant over!