Husband upset with my weight

I need some help on how to respond to my husband when he complains about my weight.  
When we got married I was a healthy 130lbs. Sadly I did gain weight and I am now 145lbs. I eat semi-healthy....healthy meals during the week, unhealthy stuff on the weekends. I even workout several days a week and teach fitness classes! 
Well my husband sat me down and told me he is upset with my eating habits. That I eat too much and I eat unhealthy foods. He states that he thinks I won't live past 38 years old due to my eating habits. He said I have a horrible pattern of coming home, immediately running to the kitchen, and gorging myself with food. So much so that it makes me lazy.  He states that he is concerned for my health. 
I really don't eat that bad. I have no idea how to respond!? I don't want to tell him that I'll try to change because I don't want him to think that me being 145lbs is a problem! It's not! I am still very healthy! But he thinks I am in denial if I disagree with him! Ugh I can't take it! It hurts my feelings and makes me feel worthless. How the heck do I respond? What do I do?  
** I took down my before and after photos. This post got more attention than I thought and I want to keep myself annonymous. Thanks for understanding***