Toddler Driving Me Nuts!

My daughter is 22 months old and is finally starting to talk and it's been non stop "mom" for the last 3 days. She's also been all over me! I get up to walk to the bathroom and she hugs my legs or pulls on my clothes when I'm standing.. She constantly wants hugs and kisses and for me to hold her.. And tries to pull me around. It was really cute at first.. But now it's making me crazy. I do try to spend a few hours out of the day playing with her and her toys.... I'm probably just being irritable from being 8 months pregnant and I'm uncomfortable as it is... I wonder if she understands and that's why she's acting this way? Any of you mommies go through this and have any advice as to how to get her to understand that I love her without having to hold her the whole day? Thank you!