Worries & Ponders

Elsa • 36 gave birth to my #1 in 2017, married since Oct`13. Hoping for baby #2 but yet to try.
I'm married to my husband for a year now.
During my dating era, i was sexually active with my dating partners. Consider on the high side & sometimes using safety precautions, sometimes "on the outside" .
​When I was dating my husband, back then is boyfriend, we also had some intimacy, sexual life then with safety precautions.
​We dated for a year & the sex drive drop tremedously. Partly because we were both exhausted at the end of the day or when it happens to be menses period.
​Then in our 2nd year of relationship, we started to plan for our wedding after he proposed to me.
​We did not have sex even on our wedding night because we were both drunk & dead tired.
​In our 1st year of marriage, we tried to have sex a couple of times but it was unsuccessful. He couldnt enter into me. I'm not enjoying any foreplay or the sex so I wasnt consider "having the mood" . 
I dislike the way my husband kisses me & his foreplay doesnt "activiate" me at all.
​I dont know what to do. I tried to watch Adult films to get myself "high" to be intimate with my husband but no improvement.
​Sometimes I will think about the active sex life that I had with my previous dating partners.
​Is it because I'm not sexually attracted to my husband? Or he is not "skillful" enough to get me high. I'm his first girlfriend, now is wife status.
​I really want to have a baby with him & expand our family.
​I dont know how to improve or change the current situation at all.
​Anyone facing the same issue as me?