BFP with a $ HPT, BFN with clearblue!

Manal • Soon to be a mommy of 3 under 3
Today is my period day, woke up with a brown diacharge as it usually happens each cycle, I knew I was out! I tested anyways with clear blue & it came negative, tested with an OPK & it came positive! 
​Anyways I forgot about it & kept going to the bathroom thinking I'm getting my period.. While I'm in the bathroom I seen the cheap test I had so I wanted to use it anyways & it came POSITIVE , 2 dark lines! I didn't believe it though cause I got a false positive before but not as dark as this one, & it can't be right cause clear blue is more accurate right? 
​Ugh I sat here just wondering what could be happening & could I really be pregnant cause I have a lot of symptoms! Backache, very sore boobs,very tired,always sleepy,blue lines on my chest,& a lot of pulling feeling in my uterus area! 
​So I started dreaming out went & got another clear blue with some cheapies, on the way back I felt my period coming down, which I was right, I hada lot of blood, well just like the begening of my usual periods,I took the test anyways the clear blue & it said pregnant 1-2! 
​Is that even right? Today I'm on CD 26 which I should be at 3-4 weeks right ? I dipped another cheapie & it's positive again, now my question, is it normal to have normal period & get a BFP?? 
​Should I even tell my husband he would be very shocked cause this morning we ordered everything from Amazon (OPKs,HPTs,BBT) we prepared for the next cycle & no wat we thought I could be pregnant !
​I still don't believe it though , I called my GYN she said to wait till the end of the day & if I'm still bleeding the I should go see her, she sucks by the way, they have the worst medical services here in Kuwait ugh