Feeling very emotional

Clarissa • Mommy to the most beautiful baby boy 💙
Hello ladies, I have posted about my dog problems on here multiple times and here I am to post about it one last time. My husband and I have decided to give our dog up. We are currently expecting a baby in March and that is the reason we decided he would be better with a different family. My husband works long and strange hours and we know we can't give him the kind of attention he needs. He gets very excited sometimes and he's knocked me to the ground a couple times from it. We don't blame him because he's still a puppy but I can't risk him doing that when I'm further along. We'll be giving him to family so we'll be able to see him a couple times a year but the thought of not coming home to him makes me very emotional. Has anyone ever had to do this? How did you get over it?