High HCG levels.

Melisa • I got pregnant unexpectedly while on the Merina IUD. My Boyfriend and I are taking this day by day.
Having an ultrasound in about 12 hours because I was only 5weeks and 3days and my HCG levels were 20,000. My doctor has given me an ultrasound before and was amazed he could see so much of the yolk sack and all, so he sent a referral for get me another ultrasound at a more "high tech" facility once he saw the hormone levels. His exact words were "if you were my family member I would do this ultrasound to see what is going on, you could have multiples or the babies blood is mixing with yours causing the hormones in your blood to peek." Now I'm scared. This is my 5th baby (7th pregnancy I've had two miscarriages) and really am nervous about what he meant by the babies and my blood mixing. How? Is the baby okay? I haven't got to hear the heart beat yet because it's too early but I still worry so much.