My crazy appointment - kind of long, sorry

So my blood pressure has been running high almost every appointment (around 135-85ish) which has lumped me in to the "high risk pregnancies" category, and they are going to induce me at 38 weeks. Wonderful. 
Naturally I was concerned, and asked if I should be making changes to my lifestyle/diet. My midwife responded "Well, you must be doing something right because you've only gained 2lbs!" HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? I'm 27 weeks tomorrow! 
She didn't seem concerned one bit, but scheduled another ultrasound to measure baby girl's growth. My fundal height has been perfect every time. Anyone ever hear of weight gain this low? I trust my midwife and know if she's not concerned I shouldn't be either, but it just seems so outrageous! I was overweight before, so that might have something to do with it...