Bipolar ii diagnosis


I have been seeing a man for almost three years now. Our relationship began on the internet and has stayed semi long distance (three hours . . . So not so bad).

Recently he was diagnosed with bipolar ii and generalized anxiety. I thought he was just a guy with add and some depression problems which would make sense considering his best friend, mom, dad, and brother all died in about a four year span.

His diagnosis makes the problems in our relationship make sense though. What I saw as lack of focus and insomnia were part of his hypo mania . The irritability oh God the irritability, that was part of a mixed state.

I just don't know. I was honestly close to dumping him. Dealing with his moods had gotten to be too much but now there's a name, a reason, I feel more okay. More like I can do this or at least see if medicine helps.

Have any of you dealt with anything like this ? Any advice or experiences ?