Teenage schooling

Stephanie • 16 years old, no relationship, no kids, biggest struggle is high school
I've had a lot of trouble in school lately. I've lost all the "friends" I did have which they continued to make my life hell. Rumours were started saying I was pregnant and at home with morning sickness within the last week of term 3 (I know who started the rumours). I usually lose my tempter and everyone knows how hard I'm trying in school, home and controlling my " out of control" tempter but they continue to push me. Considering how much if a "naughty" child grade 8 and 9 the teachers believe the girls starting the rumours over me and thinks I'm going to react badly. Now I've been warned if I do react barely (yelling, physical reaction, etc.) I'll be in more trouble. I don't know what to do. Or how to handle it.