Im lost !!

Ok i need to vent , its been 5 months since my miscarriage and over a year in total of ttc , we tryed for 8 months to get pregnant nad we finally did but lost at 10 weeks due to blighted ovum !!!! I am absolutely devastated , why carnt we get pregnant 😢 we are young fit and healthy mostly and we have done everything rite , since my miscarriage i have been less ott about ttc and still nothing , i dont understand we have a lovely little boy who will be 4 soon an it took a month to get pregnant with him !!!! Why ow why 😢 i feel the word is not fair ,alsorts of ppl seem to be geting pregnant so easly !! Im soo sceard of the next step !!! Sorry for the long post i dont have anywhere els to turn to xx