Mother in law from hell

I've been with my hubby for twenty years we have two beautiful children one is in his first year of university our daughter is ten years old.We have been through a lot in our relationship (cancer,kidney disease,to many miscarriages).My hubby is seven years older then me my parents won't happy but they accepted him for my happiness but to this day my mother Inlaw had never accepted me.I recently had a miscarriage she told my hubby I'm to old to have a child we have a almost twenty year old child.I recently bought my dream house she said its to small she's got a really nice six bedroom house I wouldn't tell her that though lol.The worst thing is she thought she would move in with us we're building a anex for my son so when he comes home for almost four months in the summer he can have his privacy.I phoned her up told her hell would have to freeze over for her to move in and why would does she want to move into my small four bedroom house anyway.It's Indian tradition to live with Inlaw but I'm not that traditional I refused to live with my Inlaws from day one I will never live with them.Fortunately my hubby agrees the funny thing is she had her last child when she was thirty four I've just turned thirty seven stupid hypocrite.I love my hubby I have never regretted marrying him but I wish my mother hell Inlaw would stop interfering but recently she isn't talking to me hopefully she'll keep it up I also hope God blesses me with a healthy baby πŸ™πŸ»