Shaking at 38 weeks?

Lauren • Baby 3 is here!
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else had experienced random shaking, and if it is something I should worry about? Yesterday I was in the middle of eating lunch and started to shake so badly I was dropping things. I got really hot, had a headache, and got really thirsty. I called the exchange for my doctor, but it took them over two hours to call back, so by that time I had taken my blood sugar, blood pressure, O2 sats, and had taken precautions against low bs, bp, and dehydration. When the doctor on call finally got back to me I told him how is handled it, and he asked what I wanted, and did I know it's Saturday?! (Super rude, right?) But today, I'm super tired, emotional, and crampy. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?