Gender reveal ideas

(Sorry this is long but please read all the way through and give advice and thoughts on this so far...) 
So I'm thinking of a few things to do for our gender reveal in early Feb. This will be something that will onl be attended by the grandparents and my sis in law and bro in law and maybe my grandparents - so very low key. 
1.) I'm thinking of having m&ms with signs near them that say nuts and no nuts. Just as some fun things to have as decorations. 
2.) having this "buried treasure map" (see picture below) with the  last location being the nursery with "it's a girl" or "it's a boy" on a banner. (Nursery will just have the crib set up and be sort of arranged but not done yet) this will be the first time our families will have seen the room  :) and the crib :) 
3.) letting people see the gender prediction list (see pic below) and guess by placing marks on a piece of paper near it - though I'd prefer not pink or blue but just boy or girl...
I do need help thinking of food to serve - as you can probably tell we are more for the boy/girl listing and not so much the blue/pink listing for a reveal. It's going to be cold so we can't really do much outside. My mom is allergic to chocolate so I can't do something with that. We will be doing the reveal on a Tuesday evening because my parents will be coming to the city (2.5 hours away from my hometown) for a specialist Drs appointment). 
So I need help in figuring out:
1.) food plans
2.) decorations to get 
3.) how to map out the treasure map with clue a bit more :) 
4.) ideas on what else we can do
I am thinking our gender reveal online to all other people will be just the view of the banner with hubs and me pointing at it - maybe with boy or girl clothes hanging from it...