Might help out ? Two long might help

Oki so my LMP was nov29  and ended on dec 6th and i intercourse that day and three days after . I got prego on dec 13 and it came back positive on dec 27th .. I got a positive opk on dec 16 , oki what im trying to say is that , not all womens ovulate on cycle day 14 or later , some do 7 days after period and 7 days before your period ! Im a type of women who gets period during her pregnancy , some of us follow all this app and all this things and lose our chance because we dont really know our body , i got my positive opk on the 16 and was getting negative before that day and as i didnt know i was already prego ! Some of you might ovulate 7 days after your period so might as well start Baby Dancing the same day it ends ! Or seven days before it even start . Comment what you think and hope it helps