Is my Vagina slow..?

My boyfriend has had a Vasectomy and thus doesn't wear condoms. I have gotten sick down there from having too much sex, and having too much of him in me in a short amount of time. (Cum) 
I tried douching, but it never helped. ( I don't anymore)
I go to the bathroom right after sex to help 'clean out' everything. I wash regularly, but to no avail nothing seems to help. I now take cranberry supplements to help prevent future infections. 
I was just curious as to if my body isn't as efficient as it should be. I know my vagina is 'self-cleaning' but I have no clue as to what is or isn't normal. 
So say if I had sex today, it would be almost a week before I started to smell normal. If not longer.
I've asked him if he would be willing to try wearing condoms in attempt to keep me cleaner. We tried once with a condom but he quickly was turned off by wearing it. So now whenever I mention trying to use a condom, he says he would rather not have sex at all than to have to wear a condom... Any help please!!