Hot Tubbed

Hey ladies. Just looking for some encouraging thoughts, I guess. My husband and I suffered through a miscarriage a few months ago (my first pregnancy) and my doctor said to wait 2 cycles to try again. In order to make the wait less painful, and to cheer ourselves up, we took an amazingggg tropical vacation to Curaçao. While there, I got period #2! Meaning we can start TTC again this week! However, not thinking about TTC on vacation (which was the whole point), we hot tubbed a lot. So stupid! But we were just enjoying the moment! Is it possible that we can still successfully make a baby this month? Last time I got pregnant, it worked on our first try (and we didn't use preseed, which I am planning to use this time), so I think we're dealing with decently athletic spern here. Any hope for me? Thanks!