Is this wrong of me?

My long-term bf and I recently broke up due to trust issues (not cheating; he lied to my face about his drug use). After we broke up he got help and he seems to be doing the right thing and he kept asking me for another chance. I still love him so I told him I will be his gf again but I want to take it slow for a long time until he's proven to me that he can be clean. I will only see him in public places for now and absolutely NO sex. Even though we're not having sex right now, I still don't want him watching porn. I have always thought porn was degrading and insulting to our relationship, and when we were together before we always had a lot of sex and he told me he never watched porn bc he knew I didn't like it. So now that we're not having sex, is it wrong of me to continue to ask him not to watch porn? I don't care if he masturbates but I just think he should not be watching porn.