Chronic painful ingrown hairs

I have an issue with skin inflammation and chronic ingrown hairs. I can't afford lazer treatment and every time I remove hair, even on my bikini line, I will get painful ingrown hairs that will become infected. My skin is very sensitive so I can't use any antibacterial stuff, as I will develop a different kind of rash. As a sexually active 26 year old woman, rashes of any kind on your naughty bits are just embarrassing. This time it's also painful, to the point where I'm in tears when I pee if an ingrown hair is inconveniently placed. The only solution doctors have given me is a course of heavy antibiotics, which also make my skin itchy and make me feel like crap. I hate taking medicines and prefer natural solutions. Does anyone have any advice beyond "let it grow, hippie chick"? In the winter I could but I live near the beach. Not an option.