My mother in law told my husband to take a paternity test!!!!

Kaleisha • My husband and I are pregnant with my first. Due September 7th 2016. I can definitely say I'm excited and scared art the same time. I can't wait look my baby in the eyes and watch him smile back at me

So I'm pissed. My husband and I have been married just under a year now and have been ttc since about month 3 of our marriage. I can honestly say I thought my mother n law and I had a very good relationship until this. She lives very far away and we talk several times a week about everything, she has visited several times and we hang out no problem. When my husband and I announced we were trying to conceive, she talked to my husband alone and kept insinuating that I was forcing this upon him. That he doesn't have to have kids if he isn't ready and she'll "talk" to me if he was scared to. Even though he kept insisting that it's a mutual thing and we both want kids. I even just recently found out she did the same thing when we got married. Insinuated that I forced the marriage and reassured him that it's not too late for an annulment. What the hell???

Now recently, we announced our pregnancy. And I thought she was excited but for us but then to find out she wants my husband to get a paternity test? That bitch! Seriously? I am 100 percent faithful to my husband, he has no doubts about me or this pregnancy.

Just fyi, my husband tells me everything. When it came to these couple of incidents, he didn't tell me immediately but he mentioned it to me in casual conversations. The paternity test came about when he was discussing with her our potential names for our child. We said if it's a boy, he'll be named after my husband and her response was before you do that make sure he's actually yours.

So I'm furious. She continues to call me and wants to plan baby showers with me and makes sure I'm eating right, like she even cares. I'm two seconds from cursing her the hell out but it's his mom and he really loves and respects her. I stopped answering her calls but then she calls my husband with this b.s. story about how she feels I hate her, and don't want to talk with her.. Umm yes kinda true. I feel like I'd be hurting him by ruining our so called relationship. What should I do? I feel she is going to keep insisting on the test and personally it's none of her business. Last thing I need is the baby to look like me and not like him and she start denying Her grand child. I feel like this whole situation is putting unnecessary stress in the baby. Now my husband it's going out to sea and she wants to come stay with me to help me through my pregnancy. Ladies help!!!

And yes when she makes comments, he does stick up for us but she Definately doesn't take no for an answer. She's the type, "I'm your mother, I gave birth to you, I know best, I've been there and done that"