Husband doesn't want mom at ultrasound

Tomorrow I have to go for another ultrasound at 26 weeks to double check if these little fluid things on the baby's brain are gone. The technician and Doctor weren't worried, just checking. My husband has been to my other ultrasound appointments, but can't come tomorrow because of work. So, I told him I was going to ask my mom to go with me. He got very defensive, cranky and was like Why?! Then, kept telling me how weird it was and that if he got out of work early he wasn't going to come because it was weird to be my mom, me, and him. Then, he said fine go with your mom and walked away. It's weird because I have a really good relationship with my mom and I feel like he gets jealous or mad when I want to include her in stuff. He never says anything bad about her, just gets weird about including my parents in stuff.  I don't know what to do now. De-invite her just because he's being weird?