Sierra • Child number three is finally a boy 😍🙌🏽 #IslamIsNotIsis #IslamIsPeace
I'm a Muslim girl and with everything going on in the news and my community, I sometimes dislike to post pics of myself covered. I even more dislike to post uncovered. I wasn't born as a Muslim but I have been Muslim for almost 7 years. I truly love the religion. Maybe more then I've ever loved anything. I'm having my third child but thinks my first boy. I'm naming him Sudais. "Su-day-s". It's a name I've been wanting to name my son since I was 19 lol. Finally at almost 25 I'm having that chance. I'm super excited to be having a son 😁 I hope that me being here doesn't make anyone feel uncomfortable. I promise u Muslims aren't who they're portraying us to be. Just like all priest aren't child molesters.