Need advice/opinion!

Hi there! So I unfortunately had a miscarriage in October and have been trying ever since. I have not gotten pregnant yet. A couple of weeks before Christmas my sister in law (who knew everything we've been through and that we were trying again) called me and told me that she is pregnant, not to mention she told me in a disturbing way. I can't help but be so mad at her and her husband. They already have 3 children and they were 'planning' on waiting another year before trying for their 4th. Am I right in being so upset? My mother in law wants her family to be perfect and I just don't see that happening ever. We were best friends and now that this has happened I don't even want to see or speak to them. I will have to be around her as she rubs her stomach and talks about the baby, as I sit here but pregnant. As much as I want to be pregnant with my first, I don't want to be pregnant at the same time as her and I don't even want my husbands family to know if we get pregnant. I feel like it just turned into a bigger competition than our lives already were. Am I wrong in having such negative feelings towards them? She knows I'm hurt, but in not sure if she knows exactly how hurt I am. Help!!