Telling people you are pregnant

My bf knows I told friends and relatives I am pregnant. I wanted to post the ultrasound on fb when I reached my second trimester but I decided to wait til I got the sex at 18 weeks. He wanted to wait longer so he could tell his sisters but ultimately said he just wanted to know before I did it so he could tell them first. Well I didn't post anything but my mom, who is also on his fb, was telling a friend of hers in a post I was pregnant and how excited she is. Now he's all mad and had to call his sisters and tell them. He even said thankfully they were ok with it! I'm not sure how to take it but I'm pretty damn sad at the moment. Im happy and I don't give a damn about his snotty sisters and what they think and I think he was totally wrong in his actions and words. Rant over. I have no one to talk to. I'm overworked, tired, and pregnant.