I've decided

Lindsey • 🌈🎀 💙| expecting number 3!
I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to make an appt to get birth control. On cycle day 57, my periods have been so out of whack since my husband came home in July. I got pregnant early in September, after not having a period since July 5, and as of sept.8 my blood test was negative. I believe I had implantation shortly after which I ignored because my doctor started me on Provera sept.9. I found out I was pregnant on sept.27 and miscarried oct.2. There is no doubt in my mind that I lost my baby because of the Provera. 
Irregular cycles have proven to be detrimental to me trying to conceive. So I'm taking a break. I am going to regulate my cycles with birth control and then try again. This is a difficult choice as we want nothing more than to finally be parents but the world works in mysterious ways. Please pray for us during this time. I will be taking a break from Glow because as I'm thrilled for all you mommies-to-be, I can't bear to see anymore posts.