No one understands

Does anyone else feel like they can't breathe like you're being suffocated and no one can see it. Thats literally how i've felt since 2016 began. I have so much i'm dealing with I'm trying to finish school, plan a wedding, find a job and find a house all within 10 months. The reason I feel this way is i'm doing everything on my own with no help. My fiancè doen't want to talk about a house or the wedding but wants to change the date and idk the reason it just hurts my feelings because this is a big deal for me a day i've dreamed of forever. Besides that my family is no help they're tired of hearing about it so i'm stuck doing this alone. With no help and the lack of support i'm constantly crying and feel so alone. I know this sounds like a pitty party but honestly I'm so tired of crying when this should be the happiest time of my life but i'm misrable if everyone else isn't happy