Pcos hope (ttc pep talk)

Violet • ✨
I am currently going on year 3 of ttc #3 (Yes, #3!) 
I just want to give hope to all the ladies out there with pcos.  I conceived naturally with both of my little ones ! It took me some time but I was unaware of my pcos.  I know I had it I had all the symptoms and never knew why it was so hard to get pregnant back then.  All my high school friends were popped off as soon as they tried.. It was discouraging every month when I would get bfn's back then ! (Still is now)
BUT I just want to say: 
 There is hope !! I'm running low on hope now so I just wanted to share my story and remember how blessed I already  am! Please do not rush into Clomid or other potentially dangerous drugs ! Please try everything you can before you go that route ! and know that God has it all planned so please do not get discouraged.  I cried so hard this last bfn and so many women around me are getting pregnant without even trying ..  It has made me feel like a failure.  But I'm hoping I can make one person smile or encourage someone to just keep trying 😊
Baby dust to all ✨✨✨✨