Advice before I go rip my bf's face tonight

Ok so we were at our friend's bday party last night and there's this girl that I hate soooo freakn much don't even ask why all she is a flirt that tries to bite all the guy's dingling she's just uggghhh annoying! but anyways I told my bf not to even talk to her not even go close to her but then he did he was even helping her with this stupid game they were playing cards so yah. He knows that I don't like him going close to her nor speaking to her but he did. I am so pissed can't even write this things right I just want to like rip his balls off! Please make me feel better before I throw his things out the door! That's why there's this phrase "If your gf said not to talk to that bitch don't talk to that bitch!" But unfortunately he didn't get that!