Never thought I would do that!

Ashley🎀✨ • Fur baby mom🐶 degree in human services📚 trucker`s woman🚛
So this is a little random, but I just really felt the need to share because I found it hysterical. My SO is an over the road trucker and I am currently riding with him. He always told me that if I had to pee at night he wanted me to wake him because he didn't want me walking into truck stops by myself at night. Well we were all snuggled up in bed and I had to pee, BAD. I didn't want to wake him cuz he's an angry elf when he gets woken up, so I did the next best thing... I peed in our little trash can😂 I rinsed and cleaned it, and he hasn't even so much as stirred. Success! Lmao. Any of you ladies done anything you never thought you would do?