Ridiculous worries

I'm so embarrassed to post this but I was curious if anyone else has been feeling this way....
Since I have been pregnant, I feel very hesitant and almost terrified to travel, be away from home (where I'm comfortable) or do anything "risky." Traveling for Christmas made me feel so anxious bc all I can think of is getting into a car accident and losing my husband or me or the baby...so I just try to avoid driving in excess. Obviously I still run errands, go to work, etc...it's just long distances. I've gotten very scared and nervous about losing my husband...for no reason at all! I think it's just because we are about to have so much more responsibility and I want us both to be there for our baby girl throughout her life! I feel like I'm losing my mind and sound crazy by writing this but I also think hormones play a huge role in this! This morning I woke up, starred at my Hubby and cried bc I was scared of losing him. Ahhhhhhh please tell me I'm not the only one lol.