Joaquin Guzman Loera. "El chapo Guzman"

What are your opinions in him getting caught again? I personally think him and the president make deals. Even though he's the most famous and dangerous drug lord, people dont see the good in him. I know people see him as the bad guy, but he also helps out the poor and does many hospitals. El chapo Guzman says he rarely uses violence. He also says that people try to blame all the drug trafficking on him, when actually they do it all around the World. I personally think he isn't all that bad, probably I think this way because Im a Mexican American, but then again everyone has different opinion.
  Aside from that, Kate del Castillo if yall dont know her She's a mexican actress and has a show that has to do with drugs and all of that. Sean penn the one who wrote the interview (yall should really read it, its amazing) Well they both want to get investigated and more than likely want to be put in jail. I mean I find that stupid. I know they had been in contact with him and all types of cops were looking for him. Eitherway Kate had a friendship with El chapo, and they shouldnt really be bothered by that.
I just want to know all of yall's opinion on this topic! Something really interesting:)