Has this happened to someone before?

Okay so my periods have been the same since I was 13, gush for 3 days and then just light the rest. I went from having a normal cycle to becoming irregular since I was 19. I am now 23 and ttc with my husband for a year. Since the first month ttc I had a period ever cycle which was approx 35 days around. It was so strange going from 50+ days to a lot less. Nothing has really changed. My period in December was 2 weeks early and was just spotting for a week    My current period has done the same. My last two cycle were about a normal 28 day cycle. I went from being irregular for years to back on track but no my periods are so light all I need is a panty liner. I just thought this was so damn strange and wanted to know if that has happened to someone else. Sadly even though I have gotten regular my husband is deploying in two weeks so last month was our last month ttc until he returns.