Partner won't learn to swim

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This is really important to me! Please no negative judgements but my boyfriend cannot swim and were planning on going on holiday in the summer! He says he's quite happily stand in the pool but that's it! I'm an excellent swimmer and I taught many cadets whilst I was in it, but I nearly drowned 4 years ago in the sea! With no fault of my own I was stood in the sea and the current dragged me out and I really struggled getting back but I managed it! My problem is my partners parents never taught him to swim and he's so stubborn he just won't let me teach him the basics and I have massive anxiety about going on holiday and the repeat scenario will happen to him that happened to me! But he won't listen he just won't learn, he won't even learn by me I don't know whether he's embarrassed but I said I'd just teach him basics. He's 23 what can I do?