Ovulation craziness

Not really "period talk" but it is cycle related. I had been on a combination pill which stopped my ovulation for over a year, and now I'm giving my body a rest while I decide on my next birth control. I've been off it for almost 3 months now, and I think my ovulation has resumed its normal schedule this cycle because this "green week" has been insane for me. 
For instance, here are some reasons I've teared up in the past 72 hours:
* Saw a picture of French bulldog puppies in a basket 
* Found a baby sock on the sidewalk, thought off the poor sockless baby foot 
* Thought about life without my cats (this was a solid 20 minutes of tears, sniffles, and cat-cuddling)
* My eyeliner wasn't even
* We didn't have any cheese 
* My husband made me a drink and it was apparently just too much kindness to handle 
* Lost my favourite lipstick 
* Remembered Outlander season 2 doesn't come out until April 
* Found my favourite lipstick
* Spotify played "Beam Me Up" by Pink
* Watched Prizoner of Azkaban and realized how many of the characters don't live to the end of the series 
And, most recently ...
* My husband texted me that he loves and misses me 
It's been a rough few days! 😂 Anyone else get weirdly emotional during ovulation or even period time? I feel so silly!