Not sure what to do

I made a very poor decision this past Saturday morning with my SO and yes, I am aware of the consequences, and yes I know that if I am aware of these I shouldn't be doing it in the first place, but I could really use some advice or recommendation. We had unprotected sex Saturday morning as soon as we woke up and he used the withdrawal method. This is the first time it has ever happened and it was one of those "carried away" situations. He pulled out before he came, but his dick was completely wet (figured precum) and it was instant. I talked to a friend of mine who uses this method all the time and she said that her SO pulls out and finishes himself off. Basically, I'm the usual paranoid because I trust him when he said that he didn't cum at all in me but as quick as it came out has me concerned. My period doesn't start for another 6 days and I'm days past my ovulating stage, but I'm not sure if I should jump to emergency contraceptive pills or try a pregnancy test? I want to avoid the pills because I know it can mess your body up, but I'm running out of time for that window and I need some guidance from other women. Thoughts? Please and thank you!