Working Moms

Victoria • May 1st baby boy #2
I am an xray tech at a large hospital. I was on a portable the other day shoving an xray plate under a larger man in the ICU (aka dead weight). A nurse said something to me after seeing I was pregnant that hit home and is blatantly true "Don't work so hard. Seriously, no one cares you're pregnant except you". I am a ftm and feel like I have always been overly helpful to people I work with, or in general, who are pregnant because I always felt like it was the right thing to do. Now looking back I know I was an exception to the norm! People do not go out of their way to help pregnant working people and I find it to be a shame. Coworkers don't stand up if there isn't a chair in the room for me to sit down. People don't help open doors when I have to push large equipment into a room. I don't want royal treatment or anything and I am a hard worker but it would be nice to know that other women who have worked full time while pregnant would have eachother backs when they've been in your shoes before. That nurses words just reminded me that I really need to watch how hard I push myself because no one else cares. You really have to be your own advocate.