So annoyed with my cat!!!

Michelle 🇬🇧
My bf is finishing off his house that he's renovating and over the w/e we stayed at his house, we came bk to mine on Sunday and went to get in bed and instantly smelt it 😱😱my cat had peed all over my bed while I was away!!!! Not a small pee either, wet through to my mattress and on my pillows, so I'm presuming it wasn't just the one pee! I was almost sick at the smell and my whole room wreaks. We flipped the mattess and put every thing washable in the wash, but the duvet has to be thrown out. We slept under a sheet in our clothes as I didn't have another duvet. Worse nights sleep of my life I was so cold and uncomfortable fully dressed. Anyone else's pets started acting funny or fretting? I've got two cats and I'm pretty sure which one it was, as everytime I stay the night away from home he's started spraying or peeing in my house! (He's 4 yrs old and has been neutered since he was 5 months old)