Weight gain

Briky <3 • Turning 30 this year 🙈 trying for our 3rd 💚
Im 7 weeks and 3 days with my first pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant my weight was at 214 (at this point I was only eating 2 meals. Something small at lunch and a normal dinner) since I found out I've been trying to not only eat 3 meals a day but also eating some healthier foods. Over the first couple of weeks I only gained 1 pound. But in the last week I have gained about 5 pounds (im at 220 now). I don't have my first appointment till the 15.its just stressing me out. I've been trying so hard to eat healthier and I seem to be failing. I've cut out all soda but 1 glass a day (soda was pretty much all I was drinking before and not everyday have I had one glass. ) I've been drinking milk juices and trying to drink more water. Idk I'm nervous that I'm doing something wrong, and I feel like I'm just failing. I did quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant could this be why? Idk just feeling discouraged. Thanks to anyone who read, and any suggestions would be much appreciated!