Morgan • I`m 20. ☺️ I have baby fever, but am avoiding pregnancy until I know we`re closer to being prepared. 💕👶🏽
I had put a post up previously about some problems I'd been having. I went to the doctor, but all of the tests they did (urinary and others) came back completely normal. There wasn't a pregnancy test done though, and I've been on the depo shot.
I've had a lot of vaginal burning, during sex or while urinating.
My breasts are extremely tender now. 
I don't have a yeast infection, STI or STD, no signs of anything at all.
Does anyone think that pregnancy is possible? Today is the first day that I'm due back for my depo shot (they give me a two week timeframe) and I've only ever used a condom with my SO once. And we have sex frequently.