This is off topic, new computer advice

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Hello, obviously this is not pregnancy or body function related lol but I think its possibly a good place for advice. I need to buy a laptop. I have $750 saved for one and I am prepared to spend another $500 if needed. It will mostly be used for internet use, resume writing, maybe a little excel use, financial planning and just general storage of pictures and videos and lastly I'd try and utilize any creative/fun features it has. So with that said any recommendations?? I know an Apple is top of the line and I dont think my budget even covers the small one. But if course I'd love to have a computer that lasts long and doesn't need alot of maintenance. I know theres also something to know about what software is on the computer, like if it has windows 8 vs. Windows 10 that makes a difference. Please help if you can! Thanks!