Bleeding story. Kinda funny πŸ˜‚

Kimberly β€’ TTC #3 after a 9 week m/c and 22 week m/c
So, I blew my nose and there was a little bit of blood. I called my husband panicking and crying hysterically about how I am bleeding and I am miscarrying and I can't believe this is happening for a 3rd time in a row and how life is so unfair. When I finally get myself semi composed he is asking me what exactly happened and I say through my sobs how I blew my nose and there was blood on the tissue so i am sure I am going to lose this baby too...he is like ummmm so you have a nose bleed and I yell "yes why do you think I am calling you so upset?!" And he is like, well is your vagina bleeding? And I scream "NO MY VAGINA ISN'T BLEEDING, my nose......" **long pause** and that's when I realized I am a crazy pregnant women 😦 sticky baby dust to all. I am 8+2 and clearly struggling with fear after having a 9 week and 22 week m/c πŸ’•