Don't feel pregnant.

Hey ladies, I am 7 weeks pregnant and last week I  was  super sick now for the past few days I expect to be sick but I'm not. & because of this I've started to feel nervous that something is wrong because I don't feel pregnant. Next week is my first ultrasound and I am mega nervous when I was 19 I had a miscarriage that was found out at thru a ultrasound at 12 weeks only to find no heartbeat. Idk if I'm just being paranoid. I find it difficult to talk about my fears, and I am trying so hard not to stress but the morning sickness Made me relieved that I was pregnant and now I secretly want to take a pregnancy test just to make sure my hormones are okay and I'm not dreaming. Anyone else felt this way?! How you coped with pregnancy after miscarriage and the fears.